iPhone repair near Kalkaji – How to find a reliable shop?

Cracked screen? Unresponsive charging port? Water damaged? Ever-dying battery? Whatever the problem with your iPhone, there’s a quick fix for it especially if you are a Delhite and looking for a trustworthy shop that does iPhone repair near Kalkaji.

Kalkaji is a hot spot in Delhi, always teeming with people. From world-class schools to big shopping malls, the place owns every damn convenience you would want your home to be around. That said, we needn’t mention the fact that there is a good number of iPhone repair service centers in Kalkaji. Well, the only thing that should concern you is finding a reliable one to bank on. For that matter, you can always go by word-of-mouth recommendations or take help from Google.

While Google rankings are 100% reliable, we would definitely want you to do your own assessment before deciding upon one. It is our understanding that there are a few standards which a repair shop must meet to prove its service. Moving forward, we’ll discuss those standards in detail.

Ask if they can give you doorstep service 

While it may not seem like an important question to you, but it really is. Imagine yourself sitting in traffic for hours on your way to a shop that does iPhone repair near Kalkaji. It just frustrates you so much. And that too when you are already irritated with your non-working phone. Find someone that saves your precious time and travels to your home.

Ask if the parts they use are original

It’s crucial to determine that the parts they are using for repair are not dodgy and sourced from genuine agents. You might come across lots of shops that will be ready to fix your phone at a dirt-cheap price but their parts will always be sub-standard. It is always better to pay a premium price and get high-quality parts instead.

Ask if they give a lifetime warranty

What if you get your phone repaired and wake up the next day to find it not working as expected? Wouldn’t you despise visiting the repair shop again? Cribbing won’t help either if you don’t have legit proof. Yes, your warranty card. Therefore, it’s always great to clear out your confusion about the warranty. There are some shops that offer a lifetime warranty while there are some who wouldn’t offer you a warranty of more than six months. Therefore, be rigid and don’t settle down for anything less than a lifetime.

Ask if their technicians are Level 4

Don’t you prefer a specialist when it comes to your health? How about you feel the same about your phone’s good health? Take them to an Apple Doctor. We mean Level 4 technicians who are highly skilled to diagnose and fix the malfunctions in your phone in no time. Level 4 technicians are like white-bearded wizards who just know it all, no matter the complexity.

Ask them if they can set a timeline

Never confide in a string of sweet words coming from the technician’s mouth. Always ask for a turnaround commitment. You should have a fixed delivery date before you hand over your phone to the technician. Technicians these days are real-quick with their repair. Hence, don’t accept longer timelines.

With so many fake shops out there, we know it’s difficult to find a reliable shop that specializes in iPhone repair near KalkajiGood luck with it!

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